Vero's Confectionary Confessions: A Glimpse into Creative Life at Vero's Cakes

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Welcome to Vero's Confectionary Confessions, your go-to blog for all things baking! This blog will delve into the world of delicious and decadent recipes and some helpful baking tips. We will also explore the small business economy in South Africa; join us as we celebrate the scrumptious treats this local bakery creates and uncover the impact of small businesses on the South African economy. 
This blog will share recipes for some of our delicious offerings at Vero's Cakes. Step-by-step guides and baking techniques by our bakers, personally trained by our founder, are integral to this blog's direction. We aim to share recipes for classic cakes and cookies with our passion project: the bread, and explore diverse flavours around South Africa.
At Vero's Cakes, we aim to up-skill and train bakers who contribute to our busy kitchen. We employ eighteen employees who mainly consist of female staff,  four male bakers, and our two male drivers. We will give you a glimpse into the work life at Vero's Cakes and how baking has impacted the lives of many of our employees by creating employment and empowering them through skills development, as well as encouraging an entrepreneurial temperament.
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Navigating the small business economy has been challenging. After the world was sent into disarray during the COVID-19 pandemic, our doors were shut, and we were not selling any cakes during the hard lockdown. The recovery process has been slow and steady for us at Vero's Cakes. Still, through utter determination and passion, we have come to have a deeper understanding of the economic state at play for small businesses. It does not end there, the constant power cuts due to the load-shedding nightmare happening in South Africa have not let small businesses catch a break either. On the bright side we are overcoming many of these challenges and have moved to our new store (167 Republic Road, Fountainebleau, Randburg) 
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We are passionate about supporting local flavours and cuisine and have been a long standing partner of the South African traditional ginger beer business Ya Mamma Gemmer. We have supplied bread to local fast food owners specializing in making the township delicacy 'iKota.'

We strongly believe in fostering a community passionate about baking and small business enthusiasts. We encourage readers to engage and share our new exciting journey. We will have baking masterclasses and other events and workshops where readers can connect with like-minded individuals and share in South Africa's small business success.
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Vero's Confectionary Confessions is your gateway into the exciting world of baking in South Africa. Our blog aims to inspire your creativity, celebrate our local bakers, and encourage our community to engage with us while navigating the small business economy. Join us on this journey as we reveal the magic behind South African baked goods and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives small businesses in South Africa.
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